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Make the Most of Winter Weather! Play Experts Share their Favorite Snow Toys
by American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   January 20   |   0 Comments
Ask any child -- snow days are made for playing. Ask any parent and they'll tell you they hope school is back in session tomorrow. Bundles of scarves, hats, mittens, and coats aside, what can your child bring outside to make the most of a snow day?

So we went to the experts at your neighborhood toy stores for a little advice.

The first thing on everyone’s mind in the winter weather are, of course, things to slide down mountains of snow! {Even if that mountain is pile in your backyard.}

"The most popular item for snow right now are sleds," said Maclain Earley of S.W. Randall Toys and Gifts. "We have saucers and flexible flyers that are pretty iconic." 

Does your child have the need for speed? Earley recommends Zipfy, a miniature luge with a handle to help steer (or stop!) on the slopes.


For younger kids just learning how to sled, Jan Dezinger from Mudpuddles Toys has the perfect recommendation: lightweight foam sleds, light enough for kids to carry.

Of course, there is plenty more to do in the snow other than racing your friends down a hill. What snow day isn't complete without a friendly snowball fight?



"We carry these things called The Perfect Snowball Makers," said Dezinger. "The kids really like them and they really do make the perfect snowball. And you can use the snow bricks to make a really nice fort, too."


Terri Braken of Earth Explorers Toys suggests the Sno-Striker from POOF-Slinky to really ramp up the fun in a snowball fight. The Sno-Striker is like a combination of a nerf-gun and a marshmallow shooter -- which really ups the ante in a snow ball fight! 



"I ordered them late in October," said Braken. "They were completely sold out before Christmas."

Debra Bail from Adventures in Toys recommended multiple out-of-the-box ideas for wintertime fun.

"We have the snow paints, but we also have things that work in both normal weather or on snow days, like remote control cars or the remote control hawk," said Bail. 

"The stomp rocket, hockey sets -- if it isn't too icy, it can be hard to throw a ball if you have gloves on -- are all great. It all depends on the weather!"

Sometimes cold and chilly doesn't rule out bike riding or even pulling out the scooter, according to Bail.

It can be hard to find fun things when you're all bundled up, but using your imagination is half the fun when it comes to winter weather amusement. So button up, throw an extra layer on, and get sledding, throwing, and building before the snow melts!

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