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Playful Ways to Say "I Love You"
by American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   January 26   |   0 Comments
There are many ways to say "I love you" -- and Valentine's Day is the day to say each and every one of them to your child! Whether its reading a book, buying a special toy, or playing a game together, spending time with your kids is the best way to let them know you care.

Here are some ideas for making the day extra love-filled!

Joe O'Brien, owner of Monkey's Uncle in Beaufort, South Carolina, suggested cracking open a Valentines-themed book with your children.

"Pete the Cat and Valentine's Day is Cool is a great book to read with your kids, " said Joe. There are also other books like Love is Real and HedgeHugs.

Books not your child's thing? Rebecca Goblish from Picayune Toys in Dunwoody, Georgia, offers games for an alternative. 

"Spot It is popular, but any game works really because you spend time with your kids playing," said Rebecca, "and that says I love you more than anything! Anytime you spend time with your children says I love you."

She also recommends crafts as an activity to bring kids and parents together. 

A fun option? Animails by Marky Sparky. Animails are toys you send in the mail -- just like a normal envelope -- and are really fun to receive. Perfect for parents or loved ones who happen to be far from home on Valentine's Day!


Making your own valentines is another fun, play-together activity for families. Dana Chavez from The Wonder Emporium in La Habra, California, suggests using spirographs, heart flowers made from Tooby Loops (large, pipe-cleaner like crafting materials), or origami hearts to make your valentines. 

"It could even be as simple as a sticker book," said Dana.

Kelly Sobe from The Elephant's Trunk in Greenville, South Carolina, suggests letting your little one play Cupid this Valentine's Day with a soft bow and arrow kit Two Bros Bows.

The Elephant's Trunk goes a step further for Valentine's Day, offering a personalized heart-shaped box care package. They personalize the box by filling it with anything that means something to the child -- matchbox cars or trinkets. You name it.

"Personalizing any item can make it all the more meaningful to the child receiving it," said Kelly.

Of course, the most sure fire way to let your children know you love them on Valentine's Day? Say it!

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