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Parents don’t typically consider a puzzle to be a language learning toy. Sure, it’s great to build fine motor, and spacial relationship skills but how does language fit in?
Neighborhood Toy Store Day - -the day celebrates all the things that make your neighborhood toy store unique -- is this Saturday! So just what are these things that make your toy store special?
Toys in essence must be used in order for them to meet their purpose. And what exactly is their purpose when families are looking to expand their children’s native, second, and possibly third language abilities? Play Immersion.
You can master the art of catching the ever-moving-kid with these smart phone photo tips.
Bike riding is a great way to get the kids outside and moving. But it's important to teach kids that bikes are more than just toys
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Approach KEVA from a whole new angle! This inventive game from Mindware has parents and toy-store owners cheering -- and it nabbed an ASTRA Best Toys for Kids award in the Learning Play category!

Blüm™ ('bloom') was founded as a high-quality gum eraser manufacturer in 1936. To this day, they remain a family-focused company even though their line has expanded to include an array of creativity supplies!

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