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Best NERF Guns for Kids for Recreational Sports

NERF Guns for Kids

Did you wish to recreate another fun-filled shooting experience with your kids and neighbors, just like the old times? With the best NERF guns, you can actually reminisce all the precious times you’ve had with any NERF match as a kid.

NERF guns are considered a giftable item for kids, whether they’ll use them indoors or outdoors. Let your little ones experience firing ammo and bullets in real life with the help of NERF blasters. What else? Keep scrolling in this article to find out the best NERF gun you can give to your kid.

1. NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster – Best Overall

Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.9 rating

NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm firearm is the best NERF gun for kids in this round. With over 18,800 ratings on Amazon as of this writing, it’s considered by most parents as a high-quality gun despite its price. What you’ll love the most about this item is that youngsters can fire six darts in a row. They can shoot you with this NERF gun even when you’re 90 feet away from them –the real power of this gun!

Loading and unloading darts is easy with the NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm. The blaster implements a rotating dart barrel; you’ll only need to flip the barrel open, load the darts, and shoot enemies in an instant. Unlike other cheap NERF guns, this blaster features the fastest blasting power. Shooters can fire rapid waves of darts to their enemies before they fire back. You don’t have to worry about this blaster’s durability, as it’s constructed well.


  • Has a recyclable and frustration-free packaging
  • Shots accurately even from long distances
  • Cheap price yet provides great fun


  • Requires a good grip when shooting darts

2. NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor – Best Quality

Elite Disruptor
Editor’s Rating:  
4.8 rating

Another blaster that’s identical to NERF N-Strike Elite Series Strongarm is the Disruptor. Unlike the Strongarm that operates under a dropped cylinder, the Disruptor uses a front-load design that takes you only ten seconds to reload. Nonetheless, this NERF gun encompasses a spring-fire mechanism, rotating the turret while being primed. Youngsters can complete a slam-fire mode with this blaster by holding the trigger down.

Besides, you can shoot down enemies 90 feet away with this toy NERF blaster. It also gives a rapid-fire rate at around 2.5 darts per second, based on the average round. You’ll also find the blaster comfortable to hold and carry, as it features a priming slide groove that’s well-positioned. What makes this Elite Disruptor the best NERF blaster next to Strongarm is its streamlined style, making it easier for shooters to holster and draw darts.


  • The trigger is responsive enough
  • A fast-reload system with its front-load feature
  • Capable of slam and rapid-fire technique


  • Limited darts like Strongarm

3. NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster

Elite Dart Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.7 rating

If you and your kids are into Fortnite, then you’ll definitely enjoy this NERF AR-L Blaster, falling under the NERF Elite Series. Fans see this gun as an excellent replica of Fortnite’s blaster, from the looks to colors and designs combined. With this toy blaster, you’ll get ten dart clips, and twenty darts officially licensed under NERF Elite Series. The darts are made with flexible, hollow foams that make this gun safe to use indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, the AR-L blaster comes with a motorized blasting technique, helping children target enemies down within a matter of seconds. Unlike other NERF guns, this blaster aligns your shots, thanks to its two flip-up sights. In terms of firing rate, NERF AR-L blaster delivers. It has an average velocity of 70 feet per second. Yet, you’ll need batteries to make this gun work.


  • Features two flip-up sights to target enemies
  • Tested and approved for elite performance
  • Safe darts


  • Requires batteries

4. NERF Rampage N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster – Best for Left-Handed Attack

Elite Toy Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.6 rating

One of the NERF guns that received excellent ratings on Amazon is the NERF Rampage, another blaster from the Elite Series. It’s designed with the traditional colors you’ll expect from NERF but with tighter, sleeker, and lightweight attributes that make Rampage more convenient to carry. You can load up to 25 darts, carry rapid fires, and shoot enemies up to 75 feet distance. You’ll get more precision with the Rampage model with its firing modes. Besides, you can draw a stream of the dart on enemies by holding the trigger and sliding the fire handle simultaneously.

Shooters can quickly load and unload darts with the Rampage’s jam door located, giving you approximately 2 darts per second! Plus, you don’t need any batteries to get this NERF gun work. You’ll also love the idea that you can modify this toy gun with several add-ons. It also comes with a shoulder rest so you can carry them comfortably.


  • Has a good number of darts included
  • Offers a nonstop stream of darts
  • The perfect gun even for left-handed shooters


  • It can jam easily

5. NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster – Best Firing Distance

Motorized Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.5 rating

If you’re looking for accuracy and precision, the NERF Ultra Series is among the best toy NERF guns in the market. Basically, the Ultra One features a motorized system blaster, which means it has a tendency to be loud once you’re shooting. Yet, you can attack foes even when they’re 120 feet away from you –the firing distance makes up for a silent shooting so that enemies won’t know your whereabouts.

You’ll need batteries when working with this NERF gun. The Ultra One gun features its very own darts, which can be loaded and unloaded in the NERF blaster’s drum. Specifically, this NERF gun can hold 25 Ultra NERF darts in a go. These darts feature a flight tip design and Aerofin technology, which are durable enough to withstand any deformation, but any misuse and abuse can snap them.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Fits small hands
  • Premium-quality NERF gun


  • Doesn’t work with any modified ammo

6. NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster – Best Slam-Fire

Commander RD-6 Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.4 rating

The Commander shares similarities with Disruptor, as both blasters fall under NERF Elite Series. However, it features stock attachment points that make it easier to slam-fire enemies up to 90 feet. The Commander blaster contains a barrel extension near the rotating cylinder and two tactical rails larger than the previous models. With these in mind, you’ll get an outstanding performance to gear you up for any battle.

Included in this NERF blaster are 12 official NERF darts that can be loaded onto a 6-dart drum. Holding the trigger down and moving the slide back and forth can give you a rapid-fire NERF gun experience to target enemies down. Youngsters aged eight years old and above can enjoy this blaster. Definitely worth the price and giggles!


  • Great for target practice
  • It can be customized to a certain degree
  • Offers a myriad of play opportunities for children and adults


  • It might be challenging for little kids to shoot, as this blaster is bigger than previous ones

7. NERF N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster – Best Spring-Powered Blaster

Elite Retaliator Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.3 rating

If you’re looking for a spring-powered NERF blaster, you can add the NERF N-Strike Retaliator to your kid’s collection. The N-Strike Retaliator is an updated NERF Recon model but is made with a more powerful direct-plunger gun and color schemes. With its direct firing mechanism, you’ll make reliable aims and fires. Kids would also find the N-Strike Retaliator’s muzzle velocity pretty good, as it averages 71 feet per second.

Like other NERF guns in this round, the Retaliator comes with twelve dart magazines and the same number of darts you can put in it. No batteries are needed to experience the fun and games with this gun. However, this NERF gun isn’t reliable when it comes to slam fire, as it doesn’t feature one. But your kid gets a more comfortable handle and grip, the excellent trigger feels, and tactical rail on the body. Also, you can choose from two colors in this type: blue or white.


  • Great firing mechanism
  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Easier to modify


  • Doesn’t feature a rapid-fire technique

8. NERF Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster – Best Sidearm

Hammershot Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.2 rating

Speaking of range and aim, we found NERF Hammershot the best blaster among its Zombie Strike Series. With the Hammershot NERF blaster, you can eliminate enemies (even zombies, pun intended) without sweating at all. This NERF gun could be your reliable sidearm equipment, as you can shoot enemies with only one hand. When firing flat, you can fire foes within a 53-feet distance. Plus, it contains a rotating 5-dart drum kids can use to make a fun-fighting experience with their friends.

Although it only has limited darts compared to the best NERF guns in this round, it makes up for its fast and accurate aims. Thus, the Hammershot Blaster can be your excellent sidearm you can have with other great NERF guns. Lastly, the darts are made with premium-quality foam tested and approved by NERF.


  • Excellent paint job and design
  • Giftable blaster for kids
  • Darts don’t jam


  • Some dart prematurely fire once the trigger is pulled halfway

9. NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Blaster – Best for Pump-Action

Shockwave RD-15 Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.1 rating

The NERF Shockwave RD-15 is the best blaster you can get if you’re into pump-action. You’ll get a total of 30 darts with this item. Moreover, the Shockwave’s rotating drum can hold 15 darts at a time, and the remaining darts are for reloading purposes. Since this NERF gun primes a pump-action scene, you can fire one dart at once or blast all darts in a row. Besides, children can shoot enemies even at a distance of 90 feet.

Another best thing about the Shockwave blaster that can’t be compared to other NERF guns is its update-ready blaster. You can modify the blaster by adding accessories to its three tactical rails, barrel attachment point, and stock attachment point. However, note that the stock and barrel extensions aren’t included when buying this item on Amazon.


  • This blaster looks super cool
  • One of the best Elite 2.0 NERF guns out there
  • Great range and no jams involved


  • Accuracy is fair

10. NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster – Best Splurge

Rhino-Fire Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
4.0 rating

Another N-Strike Elite Series you shouldn’t miss is the Rhino-Fire blaster. It’s the most expensive NERF gun in this round. Still, it guarantees a premium-quality NERF blaster you can’t get with any other NERF guns in the market. The Rhino-Fire NERF gun encompasses a clip system, wherein you’ll receive two clips or drums at a time. This means that you’ll be having two barrels that fire alternately, collapsing one after another once a fire is done. The number of darts included in this item is 50 (each drum can hold 25 darts).

To top that feature, you’ll love the idea that it contains four tactical rails plus an attachment lug where you can mount its removable tripod. Children can best experience the tripod once they set their equipment on a flat surface while aiming for their enemies 90 feet away from their location. Note that the Rhino-Fire gun needs 4-D batteries to work.


  • Considered as a monster weapon children can use
  • A must-have equipment to win a NERF war
  • Great rotating drums


  • Batteries needed to operate this gun

11. NERF N-Strike Mega Mastodon – Best for Precision

Mega Mastodon
Editor’s Rating:  
3.9 rating

With 24 darts that the NERF N-Strike Mega Mastodon’s rotary cylinder can hold, youngsters never have to worry about aiming and targeting their enemies on the battlefield. You’ll be astonished by the distance this monster weapon can do: a whopping 100 feet range! This gun is massive but is made portable and comfortable to carry with the help of a nylon shoulder strap.

Enemies don’t stand a chance against your team when you have the Mega Mastodon NERF blaster. Honestly speaking, it can blow foes with its powerful features. Whenever you run out of ammo, you can quickly load the NERF gun by ripping the top of the dart off. You’ll experience satisfaction as well with the Mega Mastodon gun, as it combines pumping fire explosives and a Rambo-like battlefield. Although this blaster is a buck more expensive than other NERF guns on this list, it’s definitely worth buying!


  • Includes a shoulder strap for portability
  • Helps teams win against rivalries
  • Reliable ammo feed and accessory rails, unlike other NERF guns


  • Requires 6-D batteries to operate this NERF gun

12. NERF Fortnite SR Blaster – Best Hammer-Action

Fortnite SR Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
3.8 rating

Another Fortnite-inspired NERF gun in this round is the SR Blaster, featuring its very own hammer-action blasting techniques. Any kid would enjoy having this blaster that allows them to fire four darts in one go, thanks to its revolver-style NERF blaster. Despite having this style, NERF guarantees an excellent tactical rail and removable scope for better aims. You’ll have a total of eight official NERF Elite Series darts when buying this item.

Additionally, you’ll find the four smart air restrictors an excellent attribute of the SR blaster. It helps children accommodate any hammer-priming action against the team enemies on the battlefield.


  • The trigger is easy to pull
  • Serious power despite limited darts fired
  • Features smart air restrictor system


  • Only four darts held in the revolver

13. NERF Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6 Motorized Blaster – Best for Customization

Phoenix CS-6 Motorized Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
3.7 rating

Let children dominate the battlefield with the help of NERF Phoenix CS-6 Motorized Blaster, which was released under NERF Elite 2.0 Series. To operate this blaster, four AA batteries are required. Regardless, the blaster features a six-dart clip and a detachable barrel extension. What makes this shooter unique compared to other NERF guns in this round is its built-in customizing capabilities. In short, children can personalize and upgrade their NERF guns to make an optimized strategy against enemies.

In addition to the gun’s flexibility, you can take advantage of the Phoenix CS-6 tactical rails that come in five. Besides, you can make a great time with the 12 NERF darts included. Yet, you can only load six on the clip at a time. Make a bonding time for your child with the monster motorized blaster in this round!


  • Bigger look compared to other NERF guns
  • Comfortable and excellent grip
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Each shot needs a pull trigger
  • Batteries needed

14. NERF Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster – Best for Halo Fans

Motorized Dart Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
3.6 rating

NERF considers other known gun-games with its MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster, inspired by a weapon from the Halo: Infinite video game. Although it’s longer compared to other NERF guns, it doesn’t feel awkward to use. In fact, this NERF gun highlights a bullpup-style magazine, allowing you to load darts from the back of the blaster.

Like other NERF guns that made it to this round, the Halo MA40 can fire off one dart at a time. Nevertheless, children can still take down their enemies with their optimal firing power. The distance range may not be as excellent as other NERF guns since the firing range varies between 26 to 30 feet. Still, it gives plenty of features your child can greatly benefit from. For instance, you’ll discover a ten-dart clip and ten darts. The item also comes with a game card with unlock code you can access in the Halo game!


  • Comes with an additional digital asset in the Halo video game
  • The magazine replacement adds accuracy
  • Big weapon for shooting enemies down


  • Needs 4 C batteries to work

15. NERF Elite 2.0 Trio SD-3 Blaster – Best Value

Trio SD-3 Blaster
Editor’s Rating:  
3.5 rating

Another NERF gun that accents upgrade-ready blasters is the Trio SD-3, falling under the NERF Elite 2.0 Series. It’s a NERF Triad-updated version that varies in style, internals, and performance. Given the name, children can only shoot three darts in a single fire, plus three additional darts as a backup. Despite the number of darts it can hold, it can shoot enemies 90 feet away from the shooter’s location.

You’ll find this NERF gun compact, as the manufacturer snapped the pieces together tightly. It also fits the NERF niche quite merely at a low price.


  • Cool blaster for little kids
  • Cheaper compared to other NERF guns on Amazon
  • Quite powerful despite the limited ammo


  • Can only fire three darts at a time

16. NERF Centurion Mega Toy Blaster with Folding Bipod – Best Long Range NERF Gun

Toy Blaster with Folding Bipod
Editor’s Rating:  
3.4 rating

You can never go wrong with the NERF Centurion Mega blaster with its long-range shooting features. With its price, you’ll have a decent blaster that measures 40 inches. This NERF gun includes a dart clip that can hold a maximum of six darts designed for a power shooting experience.

The Centurion Mega blaster is played differently compared to the NERF guns in this round. What you’ll love about this NERF gun is its severe firing range amounting to a 100-feet distance! Since it’s longer than other NERF guns, kids can find this item heavier. Regardless, they can use the gun’s bipod stand accessory to take out enemies while aiming them at a comfortable location. Lastly, it comes with six whistler darts. The good news here is that this NERF blaster doesn’t require any batteries, so kids can eliminate foes immediately.


  • Best long-range NERF gun in the market
  • It can be personalized according to your preference
  • Gives a rewarding experience


  • Pretty big for youngsters

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